Monday, 4 July 2011

Red, White and Blueberry

Happy Independence Day to Americans out there!

I may not have had a fancy fireworks display to view whilst eating char-grilled animal flesh over here in jolly ol’ England but I was celebrating in spirit with a themed dessert of fresh fruit (blueberries & cherries) on top of a shop bought meringue (alas, I haven't drudged up the courage to make homemade meringues yet). 

Although after seeing some of the amazing red, white and blue deliciousness available on the Internet I know that I definitely need to up my game for next year.

For those in the UK I wish you a 'Happy Independents’ Day!'

I did my part for Independents' Day by purchasing some Panda liquorice candy from an independent health food shop in Newcastle called Almonds & Raisin. It's a great little shop in Princess Square, near City Library, but sadly they do not have a web page (or at least one I can find).

They sell all sorts of items that one would classify as healthy and ethical.  Amongst these are delicious candies, cookies, interesting teas, and of course soy products of all kinds. 

So if you are in need of something that you can't seem to find in the average grocery store, you may just be thrilled to find it on a shelf in Almonds & Raisins.  

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