Sunday, 19 October 2014

Espresso In Paradise

One of the little pleasures that I always make time for is espresso. 

It's a simple way to relax just by creating a little moment to enjoy.

Plus it's versatile, it can be a jolt of energy to start the day, a pick me up in the afternoon or an accompaniment to a sweet treat at any time of day.  

No matter when it is, it triggers my mind to just sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.

Here is an example of such a moment unfolding....

While enjoying our already amazing honeymoon in the beautiful tropical paradise of the Maldives, we were offered a complimentary upgrade to an even more awe inspiring(who knew it was possible?) Premium Pool Beach Villa for the last two days. 

Gorgeous views, private infinity pool, jacuzzi and even an outdoor shower! Wow!

Don't get me wrong, our Water Villa was pretty darn spectacular. We had sharks, rays and all sorts of brightly coloured fish swimming just beneath our feet practically inches away each day. 

You really can't believe places like this exist until you have seen them in person. It is just amazing!

A ray gracefully glided past our villa on the first morning. It must have been at least five feet from snout to tale and maybe four feet wide. It just moved its way along in slow motion.

At sunset we routinely saw at least one black tipped shark looming around. Some, like this one, had little fish friends hanging on as they swam. 

They are pretty graceful creatures and I respect their sharky beauty even if I have an unfounded phobia (which I blame on the movie Jaws!).

Our Water Villa patio view was so picturesque. It naturally set the scene for the enjoyment of our chilled welcome bubbly & the obligatory espresso to balance out the moment.

It was the perfect way to kick off our fairy tale honeymoon in the Maldives!

Now back to the poolside espresso... upon moving in to our new extra special villa I immediately noticed one of the extra touches. 

(This place is full of thoughtful, sweet(quite literally) and romantic little gestures that consistently wow'ed us and I really shouldn't be surprised that this extra special room would have new & different special things to continue to wow us.) 

There was a cookie jar!

It was full of biscotti, which as you know, goes perfectly with an espresso. So I set about using the in-room facilities to make us a perfect shot of liquid rejuvenation to accompany our biscotti.

We enjoyed our espresso & biscotti poolside whilst overlooking the tranquil beach and soaking up the sunshine (wearing factor 50 sunblock & a massive wide brimmed hat).

The Maldives, and Baros in particular, is truly special with the perfect balance of seclusion & tropical wonders to create our romantic honeymoon of a lifetime complete with perfect espresso moments dotted throughout.

I feel so lucky.