Sunday, 4 March 2012

Pancakes for Brunch

A Sunday morning spent making thick American-style pancakes to smother in maple syrup and enjoy for brunch is my kind of weekend morning. 
Throw in a glass of fruit juice and share it all with loved ones and you’ve created the winning combination of great food & great company.   
It’s not difficult to achieve since pancakes are pretty straight forward to make.
All you need is the simple ingredients put together in the correct quantities and combined with the right technique.
I’ve included links to two simple recipes below for reference.
The main difference is that American pancakes use a thicker batter than their British counterpart (which is more like a crepe then the cakey American-style pancake, in my humble opinion).
I love the fact that each recipe uses similar ingredients but produces a completely different result.
Whichever type of pancakes you prefer, why not go ahead and make yourself some this weekend?

British Pancake recipe:

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