Friday, 17 February 2012

Another Make & Mend Market

It may already be obvious, but my favorite Saturday of the month is the one on which the Make & Mend Market is held at the Grainger Market in Newcastle upon Tyne. 
cookies from Poor Girl's Kitchen
This is simply because on these Saturdays I get to choose some beautiful (and tasty) treats to indulge in with no guilt what so ever ( theory there is no guilt). 
Bailey's Cupcake
I practically start drooling when I enter the market hall on these magical days as I imagine what delights I am about to set my eyes on.  The stall holders never let me down and for this I am always grateful. 
Vanilla Cupcake
The homemade treats are both visually stunning and absolutely delicious. I tend to focus on the edible delights, but let me tell you, there are amazing crafts, artwork, vintage items, quirky doodads and much more for anyone who ventures in to explore the stalls. 
Jammy Dodger Cupcake
It is quite a little gem of a market, and one to keep watch out for and make the effort to get to since it is only held in Grainger Market once a month.


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