Thursday, 3 October 2013

Celebratory Meal at Jesmond Dene House

I'll set the scene... candlelight, waiters dressed in black & white, orange and black trinkets dotted along shelves ... all creating just the right atmosphere of warm & cosy yet still artsy-fartsy. 

It's the perfect setting for a romantic celebratory meal.   

The menu was full of delicious choices made from local produce all with fancy sounding titles. 

Local lobster, crab and hand dived scallops plus beef fillet with a full farmers name associated with it served alongside that recent craze of a bit of bone marrow.


No sooner had we ordered when a cute little foodie freebie arrived at the table. An espresso cup of the most delicious gazpacho I've ever had was brought out as a pre-starter. I don't normally get very excited about soup, but this little cup of cold tomato liquid had so many levels of flavours I couldn't help but want more. 

Scallops with cauliflower

The starters arrived with foam & frills but full of flavour as well. The scallops were cooked 'just right' with dabs of interesting sauce and sprigs of local veg.

Lobster with Ravioli

The main dishes were incredibly stylish with swishes of colourful sauce dried on the plate and even more foam. I'm still not sure whether I was meant to utilise the sauce in some way or just admire it? 

Yes, it was a beautiful plate of food but it was not lacking in substance, although I have to admit I enjoyed my ravioli more than the actual hunk of lobster provided.

Blueberry Jelly with cream

We then received a little unexpected pallet cleanser (or was it an amuse bouche?) which was tasty and served in a shot glass as well. It does make for a perfect portion size.

Caramelised Apple with Hazelnut sponge

Strawberry Bakewell Tart

Our desserts were rather picturesque making us wonder whether they'll be less tasty, fashion over function in a taste bud sense?

They were almost little colourful scenes with flavour bomb combinations splodged on the canvas. A candied nut paired with a mint leaf, sat near a smoosh of caramel all coming together in each bite to make a beautiful dessert which all the senses enjoyed. 

Celebrations are meant to be memorable occasions and that is exactly what this meal was, now it's
time to hit the gym.

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